Ways to Get More Entries

So you’ve entered Sweep Imp’s giveaway, and did all the actions possible to get entries.

Not really.

You have other ways to get more entries, MUCH more than offered in the sweep page.

IMPORTANT: to be eligible to get these entries, you must use your real email in the sweep, so if you registered using your “sweeping email”, or if you didn’t register to the sweep at all, please register to the sweep with your real email, here.

How do I Get More Entries, Then?

Well, in a nutshell, use Sweep Imp to manage your sweepstakes (and giveaways. and contests). Click the button below to start.

Sweep Imp is the best way available to mange them, so you won’t just increase your winning chances for this sweep, but for all your other sweeps too.

Here’s a list of the actions in Sweep Imp that will get you more entries to Sweep Imp’s sweepstake, and how many.

Sweep Imp Action
Added Entries
Added Entries for Paying Subscribers
Create or have an account
Have a valid sweep (per day, per valid sweep)
Click a Re-enter button
Click a share button

And here’s how to actually use Sweep Imp:

In Short

To sum up, the more sweeps you add to Sweep Imp, and the more shares and re-entries you do using it, the more entries you’ll get in this giveaway (plus, you’ll get more entries to your other sweeps, and easily keep track of them).

This giveaway will also be counted as a valid sweep, if you add it to Sweep Imp. Don’t forget to put your own refer link (get it from the twitter or email shares of the sweepstake) in “link to share” field, so you’ll get the referral entries you deserve!

You can easily have thousands of entries in this giveaway (40 active sweeps × 45 days of the giveaway × 2 entries = 3600 entries).

Some Important Notes

  • A valid sweep –
    • Has a URL / Text number which leads to a sweepstake / giveaway / contest.
    • Has an end date matching to the one published for it.
    • Is not deleted until Sweep Imp’s giveaway ends.
  • Re-entries and sharing buttons re-appear for each sweep according to the re-entry and sharing frequency setup when adding a sweep in Sweep Imp (1 day minimum).

Good Luck!