Never Miss a
Sweep Entry Again.


Never Miss a
Sweep Entry Again.


You want more entries, but have too many sweeps to keep track. Sweep Imp was built to help.

What you can do with
Sweep Imp

Have all your sweeps organized in one place

Say goodbye to scrolling through endless feeds, switching between sweep sites, updating spreadsheets or categorizing favorites.

"This is absolutely fantastic!! It's literally a sweepers dream!”

“Sweep Imp helps the most with organization. Before using it, I had links all over the place. It was hard to keep track of them as well as when they were ending or which had daily entries. This is especially true when you have an active month of sweeping. Sweep Imp takes this stress away by structuring the whole process and making all sweep info available in one place. So easy and enjoyable to use!”

Get more entries

Maximize referral bonus and entries. Never miss a due entry, share referral sweeps like clockwork, and never forget to claim a win.

"I think if more sweepers used it, they would like it too.”

“I have noticed that using Sweep Imp is getting me more referrals because I’m sharing more and it’s keeping me on task. I know people who use a spreadsheet but that is old fashioned now. Sweep Imp keeps you organized nicely and I like the way you can add sweeps. I do enjoy using it, it keeps track of your # of entries and it does keep me organized.”

"I would definitely recommend it”

“I love using Sweep Imp, I think mostly because it’s easy and no hassle. I just go there and boom – I’m done. This is much better and much easier than my excel sheet – having all sweeps in one place, it’s just easy and fast and keeps sweeps organized.”

Sweep quickly and easily

Share and re-enter from one place, have time to enter more sweeps.

“Definitely a 10”

“Sweep Imp allows the contests I enter to be in one location, reminds me about sweeps and keeps a record of sweeps I have entered, so I can keep track of the sweeps I enter without creating a spreadsheet. Sweep Imp is versatile and I can use it via mobile and computer, tablet etc. It has been extremely helpful”

Get reminders and sweep on the go

Sweep Imp is synchronized to your mobile too, so you can sweep everywhere, and never miss an entry, a share or a win.

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Never miss an entry

Your spreadsheet, browser favorites or any other sweeping method just don’t cut it anymore.
You miss daily entries, you get disqualified for entering twice, or you didn’t claim a win just because you forgot to check the ended sweep on time.
No more.
Sweep Imp is free and works on your device too.