Get Organized. Sweep Better. Win More.

Keeping track of your sweeps is hard.
You need to enter dailies, weeklies and others, you need to text, you need to share…

Weather you are using browser favorites, a spreadsheet or endlessly scrolling through your timeline:

Who knows if you really entered or texted all the sweeps you needed?
Who knows when is the right time to share those referrals again?
Who knows if there’s a sweep you won, but you are about to miss just because you forgot to check it on time?

Sweep Imp knows.

Your Sweeps, Organized.

The time of  annoying favorites management, clunky excel files or endless feeds scrolling has passed.

With Sweep Imp, all your sweeps are organized in one place.

That includes dailies, weeklies, Facebook, Instagram and every kind of  sweep you can think of – even text sweeps!

Keep Track, Easily.

Actually, Sweep Imp keeps track of your sweeps for you.
Due entries, shares and even texts appear in a single , organized place, only when you need to enter, share or text them.

Click or tap a share – and a share window opens, click or tap an entry – and you’ve entered the sweep, tap a text on your phone – and the messages app opens, with the text ready to be sent. Easy.

Oh, did we say you can also use Sweep Imp on your phone?

Nothing Slips.

You’ll never miss a prize just because you forgot to claim it.

All ended sweeps are automatically organized in their own place.
Check who won with a single click or tap, and mark your wins to keep track of them too. Filling tax forms will be a breeze!